Chinese Characters

Are the “letters” of Chinese language called characters or symbols? I’m sure they are not letters! I would prefer characters. Anyway, if you want to find a lot of Chinese characters-symbols-letters-alphabets however you call them, buy a dictionary!

I’m joking, you can go at where one Chinese character is added daily. You need to buy a dictionary only if you are serious about learning Chinese.

And, I should say, just a dictionary is not enough. You need a good dictionary, with examples and pinyin (not only the pinyin of the main word, but also of all the examples).

Anyway, lately I’ve found very, very useful the Pleco software for Android tablets. It’s really great and it’s free. I use it everyday (I live in China now). The feature I love most is to be able to copy/paste whatever Chinese text from any source (pdf files, the web, etc.) and the software let me scan each Chinese character and each Chinese word telling me meaning, pronunciation and example of usage. It’s really very, very useful. You can even pronounce a word and then, here it is!

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Chinese Symbols

This is exactly what I was looking for, a lot of Chinese symbols! They are listed at as well, a website that deserve your visit. The number of symbols is not very big, but the information given for each symbol is outstanding, almost everything you can think about a Chinese symbol, that is:

  • Meanings;
  • How to write it;
  • Gif animation;
  • Pronunciation;
  • MP3 file;
  • Simplified version;
  • Traditional version;
  • If the meaning of the traditional version is not exactly the same, the other meaning is also given;
  • Chinese names containing the same Chinese symbol;
  • Number of strokes;
  • You can make the symbol bigger or smaller – I love this!

If I could give a suggestion, I would tell to provide also an alphabetical list of those symbols not according their meaning, but their pinyin pronunciation, like in Chinese dictionaries. I mean it is difficult to find the symbol you are looking for if you know its pronunciation but you know its meaning – even if actually you could search for its pronunciation in Google.

BTW, great job as well! Keep on doing so for more and more Chinese symbols! This is my way to say thank you for the free resource provided.

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Chinese Names

I’ve found a lot of Chinese names at the website – each name’s page full of details about the characters each name is made of.

It seems that those Chinese names are how famous people (in the past – like Bible characters - or in modern times) are called in China. For example, the Chinese name version of the name John has been taken from the Gospel of John into a Chinese Bible; or the Chinese name for Marilyn is exactly how the famous Marilyn Monroe is called in China.

Another feature I love is that you can make the name bigger or smaller clicking on two buttons + and – until the name is as big as the whole screen (or bigger) and as small as to disappear.

I like also to write chinese characters, and from that page I can see how each character is written because it contains also one very useful gif animation for each character showing the correct order of strokes.

Good work! A Google +1 to you! I wish you could add pictures of those famous persons, anyway – even if, well, I think it would be difficult for the persons of the past like the apostle John ;-)

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Traduzioni cinese italiano

Giuseppe Romanazzi attualmente vive in Cina e può essere un vostro riferimento in caso necessitiate di traduzioni perfette o della sua consulenza come interprete.

Per traduzioni dal cinese all’italiano, potete contattare qui Giuseppe Romanazzi. Da segnalare la sua assoluta affidabilità – garantisce che se nelle sue traduzioni ci sono errori, restituisce il 110% della somma pagata! Non avevo ancora incontrato qualcuno con una garanzia del genere, che sarebbe a dir poco suicida se Giuseppe Romanazzi non fosse assolutamente certo della bontà del suo lavoro.

Un po’ caruccio, ma mi sa che le traduzioni in o dal cinese si aggirano tutte intorno a quei prezzi.

Da quando ha trasformato il suo sito in blog, non riesco più a trovare molte delle informazioni che aveva pubblicato in passato, tipo un elenco dei più diffusi errori che si possono evitare nel commissionare traduzioni.

Spero riappaiano presto nel suo sito.

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Learning Chinese Language in China

No doubt learning Chinese language in China is the best choise. You’ll learn fast because you are forced to listen, read and speak Chinese if you want to survive! Only be careful to choose a city where Mandarin Chinese language is spoken correctly, without any strong accent. Cities in the North of China are often the best place for standard Chinese language. I believe Beijing to be the number one top best location! I’m in China now, but I understand not everyone can move to China for a relatively long period of time. So I strongly suggest the following site to Learn Chinese Language. The learning process followed by has been tuned to help you learning the most used Chinese words and characters first. I’m sure you’ll like it. If you decide to move to China, the course would be useful as well, and your progress even faster.

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Piano Chords

If you’re like most of my students, you’re struggling to pick out melodies, chords, chord progressions, and patterns in songs. Heck, if you’re just getting started, you probably don’t even know what chords and progressions are!

If you’ve gone further and started to teach yourself, perhaps you’re at a roadblock and really trying to put all this stuff together.

How scales relate to chords… and chords to progressions… and how to find the keys songs are being played in, how to recognize patterns in songs, (just to give a few examples).

Maybe you’re reading self-help books and have bought every training manual or “how-to” video — or have even taken personal music lessons — but have been disappointed with the results.

“To be quite frank…”

Learning piano is not an overnight thing. It requires commitment, drive, and discipline. Even pros practice daily and are constantly learning new things.

Great musicians never think in terms of a “destination.” It’s always a “journey.”

There’s always new things to learn.

New genres. New techniques and styles. Unfamiliar theory and alternative ways to approach music. Other things to explore. And just simply improving upon what you already know.

So with that said… if you think I’m just going to teach you some magical chords and you’re going to play every song you’ve ever wanted to by tomorrow, then stop reading this page. I’d hate to waste your time.

But if you’re willing to put in some time and practice, I can guarantee that in very little time (compared to years and years of training, lessons, and school), you’ll be playing the piano by ear and even picking up songs on the radio.

Read the full article about piano chords…

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Piano Lessons

I’d like to post a testimonial about the piano lessons you can find at this link.

“I have been playing for 40 years and have not had many lessons. These online keyboard courses are the most organized method to getting a well rounded keyboard education. There is no substitute for this course. In a matter of minutes I saw and heard many aspects of playing that I never could get my wits around…thank you for this opportunity.”

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I Can Teach You How To Play Piano By Ear!

I hear you saying under your breath.

“What makes you so sure that you can teach me how to play piano by ear?”

Simply put. Because my methods are proven and tested. Not fluff… not theories… not “would-be” or “could-be” methods but techniques that have helped literally hundreds of thousands of musicians by ear.

I’ve been playing piano for majority of my life. I started at the tender age of 7 years old playing for my church’s junior youth choir.

Some of the things I now teach came naturally to me back then (although I had no idea how to articulate them) and many of the things I’ve learned over the span of 17 years by literally reading, watching, and studying everything I could get my hands on.

The rest has come simply from “school-of-hard-knocks” experience out there in the real-world. Personally, that was my best teacher.’m a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and have had the privilege to work with top professors and colleagues. I’ve helped lead the gospel choir there as well as many other campuses.

My main accomplishments as a teacher have come from this site,

Over 41,185 people from over 102 Countries have already relied on me to teach them how to play the piano through my various paid courses. Many of them have since gone on to play in bands, for churches, special events and more.

Get Now My Lessons from

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Lessons Piano

“I had very limited results before I came to Hearandplay

…but after one night of taking their lessons, my playing was revolutionized!”

I thought I had a decent grasp on music theory after having played guitar for 13 years. I tried my best to apply this knowledge to the piano when I decided to learn to play. I had very limited results. But after one night (literally) of taking your lessons, my understanding of chord structures and my playing ability was revolutionized. I strongly suggest you head to Hearandplay for Piano Lessons!


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“Discover The Secrets to Quickly & Easily Playing All Your Favorite Songs On The Piano By Ear…

…Using The Same Exact System Thousands Of Musicians Are Using To Play Anything They Hear On The Radio In Just A Few Minutes!”

I personally think there’s a huge problem out there for musicians who want to play piano (or any instrument, for that matter) by ear.

…And I’m guessing that you’re reading this page because you, too, have faced the same problems that I’ll talk about soon.

Now… It’s not that there isn’t help out there…

There’s just not much help for musicians who want to play outside of traditional “sight reading” or classical methods you’ve probably come across.

I’m talking about help for “ear” musicians.

Musicians who want to:

Play piano without having to rely solely on sheet music or chord symbols (more on this later).
Be able to hum a tune, then immediately play it on the piano in a few minutes.
Be able to hear something on the radio or on a favorite album and immediately understand what’s happening in the song without being at a piano.
Sit down at the piano and play exactly what they feel… entertain guests and simply enjoy music.
Play in a band with other musicians who play by ear and be able to follow along and improvise when the time is right.
Play at church, accompany quartets or singing groups, and perform at special occasions without any fear or hesitation.
Learn music at a comfortable pace without being forced to pay a teacher $30-$50 or more per hour.

(Basically, all the things you can’t go to most traditional teachers, institutions, and colleges to learn. And if you can, you’d better be ready to audition or pay hefty fees).

Click here for the full article…


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