The outlines and timelines that you find here have been a very helpful study guide to assist students using the book A History of Western Music. I strongly recommend this book. With its contents, art work, and media, it's just gorgeous!

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Outlines of History of Western Music

With musicology is intended the study of music as a branch of knowledge or field of research as distinct from composition or performance, that is the study of the history, theory, and science of music. It literally means "the study of music," that is of all aspects of music in all cultures and all historical periods. It includes a wide variety of methods of studying music as a scholarly endeavor; although the study of music performance is an important facet of musicology, music performance itself is a different area of study. You'll read about history, chronologic periods, nations, regions, styles, composers, performers, audiences, sociology, instruments, acoustics, physiology of voice.

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