History of Western Music

The outlines and timelines that you find here have been a very helpful study guide to assist students using the book A History of Western Music. I strongly recommend this book. With its contents, art work, and media, it's just gorgeous!

Music History Resources

Outlines of History of Western Music

Timelines of History of Western Music

Music History Resources: This pages are not intended as a stand-alone account of Western musical history, but rather as an aid to assist students using one of the standard music history texts (in particular, the Grout/Palisca volume). You can find an extensive outline and timelines including Chant in the Middle Ages, 13th Century Polyphony, 14th Century French & Italian Music, Medieval to Renaissance, Ockeghem to Josquin, 16th Century Music, Late Renaissance Church Music, Early Baroque Music, 17th Century Opera & Vocal Music, Late Baroque Instrumental Music, Early 18th Century Music (Baroque), Early Classical Style, Late 18th Century Music (Classical), Beethoven, 19th Century Vocal Music, 19th Century Instrumental Music, 19th Century Opera, Post-Romanticism.

And also Medieval Period: circa 500-1400, Renaissance Period: circa 1400-1600, Baroque Period: circa 1600-1750, Classical Period: circa 1750-1825, Romantic Period: circa 1825-1900, Modern Period: circa 1900-1950.

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